Control Panels

Electric Control Panels provide the interface between the hydraulic control panel and the pump motor controls for remote monitoring of valve operation and alarm conditions. The Hydraulic Control Panel allows field adjustment of the valve operating times so that the valve can be set to match the surge characteristics of the piping system. Val-Matic's Hand Control Valve is a 6-ported manual directional valve used to provide manual override functions in conjunction with a 4-Way Solenoid Valve.

Product Overview

  • Provides reliable control of pneumatic or hydraulic actuated ball, butterfly and plug valves
  • Val-Matic control panels use the highest quality components for extended dependability
  • Provides field adjustable operating time in excess of critical surge period
  • Designed for operation with Val-Matic externally adjustable LS cylinder actuators
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


  • Control equipment is mounted and piped in corrosion resistant NEMA 4X enclosures with window for long and reliable life in the harshest environments
  • Supply pressures from 40-150 PSI
  • Electrical panels provide for remote monitoring of valve and pump operation and alarm conditions
  • PLC panels available for additional control features or monitoring multiple functions and times
  • NEMA 4X limit switch with beacon indicator
  • Standard - shut off valve and system pressure gauge
  • Compression fitted copper tubing for long life. No hoses to replace.
  • Junction Box with terminals for customer connections
  • Optional Hand Control Valve Model 9430 available for operation without electrical power
  • Designed for use with air, oil and water accumulator systems


Product Description Drawing Number
Pump Control System SS-2293-S
Air/Oil Pump Control System SS-2325-S

Materials of Construction

Product Description Drawing Number
Hydraulic Panel Materials VM-5HP-M
Electric Panel Materials VM-5EP-M
Air/Oil Panel Materials VM-5AOP-M
Hand Control Valve Materials VM-9430-M


Product Description Drawing Number CAD Version
Hydraulic Panel VMC-5HP CAD-5HP
Electric Panel VMC-5EP CAD-5EP
Air/Oil Panel VMC-5AOP CAD-5AOP
Hand Control Valve VM-9430  


Product Description Drawing Number
Hydraulic Pump Control System 5HP-OM1
Electric Pump Control System 5EP-OM1
Air/Oil Hydraulic Pump Control System 5AOP-OM1

Technical Data

Product Description Drawing Number
Hydraulic Panel Typical Pump Wiring SSC-2301
Hydraulic Panel Schematic VM-5HP-W
Hydraulic Panel Sequence of Operation VM-5HP-SO
Air/Oil Panel Schematic SSC-2324
Electric Panel Schematic VMC-5EP-W
Electrical Panel Sequence of Operation VM-5EP-SO
Westlock Limit Switch Control SS-2332
Ashcroft Pressure Switch Control SS-2333
Surge Control in Pumping Systems White Paper