Electric Motor Actuator Valve

Traveling Nut and Worm Gear Actuators are specifically designed to work with a variety of electric motor actuator products as specified by users and engineers. Actuator Motor products are built in accordance with industry standards and are available to suit multiple speeds and voltages. Learn more about our actuator motor products below. 

Product Overview

  • Compliance with AWWA C542 requirement for electric actuator valve
  • Electric Power - 3PH, 1PH and DC motors
  • Designed for ball, plug and butterfly valves
  • Available to handle torques up to 180,000 ft-lbs
  • Flexible operating times: 15 to 300 seconds
  • Characterized closure to increase surge protection when coupled with a traveling nut actuator


  • 110/220 Single Phase, 230/460 Three Phase
  • International voltage requirements available
  • Modulating Service
  • Throttling Service
  • Simple open-close to logic controlled automatic operation
  • NEMA rated control cabinets
  • Manual override is standard
  • Complete integral motor control or customer supplied motor control
  • Separate motor control available where required
  • Mechanical position indicator
  • Remote push button control and indication
  • Adjustable torque switches, limit switches
  • De-Clutchable hand wheels
  • External stops
  • Optional battery back up system available


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Materials of Construction

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Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
4" - 48" Ball Valve BV-OM1
3" - 24" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM3
30" - 108" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM4
3" - 72" Plug Valve CCPV-OM2

Technical Data

Product Description Drawing Number
Electric Motor Actuator Mounting Positions VM-2000-EMA