Electric Motor Actuator

Traveling Nut and Worm Gear Actuators are specifically designed to work with a variety of motor actuators as specified by users and engineers. Motors are built in accordance with industry standards and are available to suit multiple speeds and voltages.

Product Overview

  • Compliance with AWWA C542 requirement for electric actuators
  • Electric Power - 3PH, 1PH and DC motors
  • Designed for ball, plug and butterfly valves
  • Available to handle torques up to 180,000 ft-lbs
  • Flexible operating times: 15 to 300 seconds
  • Characterized closure to increase surge protection when coupled with a traveling nut actuator


  • 110/220 Single Phase, 230/460 Three Phase
  • International voltage requirements available
  • Modulating Service
  • Throttling Service
  • Simple open-close to logic controlled automatic operation
  • NEMA rated control cabinets
  • Manual override is standard
  • Complete integral motor control or customer supplied motor control
  • Separate motor control available where required
  • Mechanical position indicator
  • Remote push button control and indication
  • Adjustable torque switches, limit switches
  • De-Clutchable hand wheels
  • External stops
  • Optional battery back up system available


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Materials of Construction

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Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
4" - 48" Ball Valve BV-OM1
3" - 24" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM3
30" - 108" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM4
3" - 72" Plug Valve CCPV-OM2

Technical Data

Product Description Drawing Number
Electric Motor Actuator Mounting Positions VM-2000-EMA