Val-Matic Software

Web-Based Air Valve Sizing Software

The web-based Val-Matic Air Valve Program enables you to enter design information specific to your pump, water pipeline, or wastewater forcemain and calculate the locations and sizes of AWWA Air Valves. The program will:

Calculate: the collapse pressure, slope, and gravity flow in the pipe.

Recommend: Air Valve locations, sizes, and model numbers for pipeline and pump discharge locations.

Print: all input data, analysis results, recommended valve model numbers, and a graph of the pipe profile and valve locations.

To start using the Air Valve Program, you will need to register with your email address so that your projects will be saved in the program and accessed by you from any computer in the future. This program is mobile device compatible.

Val-Matic Energy Cost Calculator

The Val-Matic Energy Cost Calculator enables you to enter information specific to your application and calculate the headloss and projected 40-year energy costs associated with various valve types. Smaller than line size valves can also be evaluated with consideration to the headloss from the upstream and downstream pipe reducers.

To use the Energy Cost Calculator, choose a link on the right and use the CALCULATE, PRINT, and RESET buttons to operate the program.