VaultSafe® Products

The VaultSafe® Family of Products are designed to protect potable water systems from contaminated flood waters, freezing temperatures and intentional malicious contamination.

FloodSafe® Inflow Preventer

The FloodSafe® Inflow Preventer is a revolutionary system that works with air valves and provides unrivaled protection of potable water systems from contamination. By preventing water from passing through the FloodSafe®, contaminated floodwater or water that has been compromised by intentional tampering are prohibited from entering the air valve outlet and are subsequently unable to enter the system.

FrostSafe® Two-Way Air Damper

The FrostSafe®, a wafer style bi-directional hingeless damper, is installed in a vent pipe to minimize the thermal exchange of cold and warm air in and out of a vault to help prevent freezing.

VentSafe® Security Cage

The VentSafe® Vent Pipe Security Cage is installed in air valve vent pipes and enclosed reservoirs to prevent the entrance of animals or foreign objects and to provide a barrier against the malicious introduction of liquids and other matter into the vent pipe.