Cylinder Actuation

Val-Matic's Traveling Nut Cylinder Actuators provide reliable characterized closure and feature externally adjustable closed stops to control end of valve travel and for ease of adjustment.

Product Overview

  • Bore sizes up to 24"
  • Valve torques up to 180,000 ft-lbs
  • Built to AWWA C541 requirement for hydraulic actuators
  • Built to AWWA C504 and C507 requirements for ball and butterfly valves
  • Suitable for air, oil and water supply media up to 150 psig
  • Available in all stainless steel and non-metallic construction
  • Versatile design for quarter turn valve application
  • Designed for high service life in severe applications
  • Cylinder actuators can also be used with control systems
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


  • Exclusive externally adjustable closed stops for ease of adjustment
  • Characterized closure to increase surge protection
  • Controlled closure during power failure
  • Positioners available for modulating service
  • Corrosion resistant barrel, piston and end caps
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel piston rod provides strength and corrosion resistance
  • Piston is fitted with a wear ring for long and reliable seal life
  • Piston seals are self adjusting and wear compensating for extended life
  • Non-metallic rod gland with inside and outside wipers ideal for high cycle applications
  • SCADA compatible utilizing Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves and Positioners
  • Handwheel Overrides to operate valve after loss of supply media
  • Hand Control Valve Model 9430 available for manual valve control
  • Provides pump control check operation for quarter turn valves


Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
6" - 24" LS Cylinder Actuator - Stainless Steel VM-LSC-M1-S
6" - 24" LS Cylinder Actuator - Non-Metallic VM-LSC-M2-S

Materials of Construction

Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
6" - 20" LS-1AC VM-LS1AC-M
20" - 48" LS-5AC VM-LS5AC-M


Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
6" - 24" Cylinder Construction Drawing VM-LSC
6" - 24" Cylinder Construction - Stainless Steel VM-LSC-M1
6" - 24" Cylinder Construction - Non-Metallic VM-LSC-M2
4" - 20" LS-1AC VM-LS1AC
20" - 48" LS-5AC VM-LS5AC


Valve Size Product Description Drawing Number
4" - 48" Ball Valve BV-OM1
3" - 24" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM3
30" - 108" Butterfly Valve BFV-OM4
6" - 24" Cylinder Actuator LSC-OM1

Technical Data

Product Description Drawing Number
Cylinder Actuator Mounting Positions VM-2000-PCA
Quarter Turn Cylinder Actuator Test Certificate SSC-2769
Linear Cylinder Actuator Test Certificate SSC-2770