Oil Accumulators

Val-Matic's Oil Accumulator Systems consist of redundant oil pumps and air compressors piped to an ASME certified air-over-oil accumulator tank to provide a clean and reliable oil supply to operate all of the pump control valves even after power outages.

Product Overview

  • Accumulator Tank Size Range: 80-400 gallon capacity
  • Oil Supply Pressure Range: up to 125 PSI
  • Provides a reliable and corrosion-resistant oil power supply for pump control valves, even after electrical power failure
  • Fully automatic oil power system with pumps, compressors, controls and accumulator tank
  • Compact skid design with isolation valves
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


  • Pressure tank meets ASME Code for Unfired Pressure Vessels
  • Dual Oil Pump and Air Compressors with lead-lag control
  • Motors are of TEFC construction for 3 phase, 230 VAC 60 Hz power
  • Oil Accumulator system is designed for petroleum-based hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic component piping is steel pipe or tubing
  • Pneumatic component piping is steel pipe or tubing
  • NEMA 12 electric panel includes all motor starters and control circuitry
  • Control Panel displays system pressure, motor operation and alarms
  • The complete system is painted with a rust primer and industrial enamel


Product Description Drawing Number
Oil Accumulator System VMC-OA-S

Materials of Construction

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Product Description Drawing Number CAD Version
Oil Accumulator System VMC-OA VMC-OA


Product Description Drawing Number
Oil Accumulator System 5OA-OM1

Technical Data

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