Actuator Valve / Valve Actuation

Val-Matic produces a wide variety of manual and power actuator valves and actuator valve parts that include traveling nut actuators, worm gear actuators, cylinders and motors. In addition Val-Matic valves are easily adaptable for mounting custom actuators such as: vane, spring-return, rack and pinion, electro-hydraulic, air/oil and other specified cylinder or electric motor actuators. All actuator valve products can also be provided with a wide variety of accessories.

Manual Traveling Nut Actuator Valve
Traveling Nut Manual Actuator

Val-Matic’s traveling nut manual actuators are designed to specifically match the torque characteristics of Val-Matic Ener•G® Ball Valves and Val-Matic American-BFV® Butterfly Valves and are built in accordance with AWWA Standards. The traveling nut actuator provides characterized closure which allows the valve to slowly close during the last half of travel to reduce pipeline surges. Val-Matic actuators have the exclusive feature of externally adjustable stops rated to 450 ft-lbs of input torque.

Manual Worm Gear Actuator
Worm Gear Manual Actuator

Val-Matic’s worm gear actuators provide precise quarter turn actuation in accordance with AWWA Standards. They are standard on Plug Valves and available on Ball and Butterfly Valves. Worm gear actuators include externally adjustable mechanical stops to control end of valve travel. Optional spur gear assemblies are provided to increase mechanical advantage thereby reducing the handwheel and nut input torques.

Cylinder Actuator
Cylinder Actuator

Val-Matic’s traveling nut cylinder actuators are designed and built in accordance with AWWA C541 for Hydraulic Actuators. They provide reliable characterized closure and feature externally adjustable closed stops to control end of valve travel and for ease of adjustment. Cylinder heads and pistons are constructed of stainless steel. The one piece piston is fitted with a wear strip for long and reliable seal life. The cylinder barrels are available in stainless steel or non-metallic construction.

Electric Motor Actuator
Electric Motor Actuator

Val-Matic’s motorized traveling nut and worm gear actuators are specifically designed to match the torque characteristics of the Val-Matic quarter turn valves. The actuators are built in accordance with AWWA Standard C542 for Electric Actuators and are equipped with externally adjustable stops for easy field adjustment. Motors are available to suit multiple speeds and voltages and are equipped with thermal overloads, torque switches and limit switches to protect the actuator and valve.