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The Val-Matic team of designers, engineers, and technicians represent hundreds of years of industry experience dedicated to solving problems and delivering solutions to customers. Our products are engineered to provide valuable features such as energy savings, low maintenance, and long life. Our services include engineering, testing, project management, and field support.


Val-Matic employs degreed mechanical, environmental, and civil engineers in its sales support, production, and R&D departments. We have registered Professional Engineers (PE) with decades of product knowledge and experience that can assist in designing systems and processes in many industries. Our engineers have developed specialized design tools for sizing and locating air valves and estimating the energy savings associated with valve selection. These tools are available on the website here. The basis for the design tools and background information on countless valve topics are also posted on our website. Finally, our engineers are dedicated to improving the industry by participating in various roles on ASME, MSS, and AWWA standards committees. You will commonly find our engineers to be the chairman and editor of many AWWA Manuals of Practice.


Val-Matic’s facility in Addison, Illinois contains a 7000 sq. ft. state of the art research and development facility dedicated to providing new technology, products, and solutions to serve our industries. A materials lab is used for testing metals, coatings, and elastomers in various environments. A flow lab equipped with a series of water pumps and a data acquisition system is used to perform dynamic valve tests in a wide range of pressures and flows. A high pressure air system is used to perform full-scale testing of large air valves. The materials lab is equipped with a portable X-ray Flourescence Analyzer (XRF) to identify the chemical composition of alloys and perform positive material identification (PMI) services. The labs are also used to provide hands-on training to industry organization members such as AWWA and conduct product proof of design testing.

Project Management

Our project managers are trained and certified to deliver large projects on time and on budget. Project managers are degreed engineers that fully understand the technical requirements of project management and can offer solutions and strategies to minimize risk on large projects. They develop detailed project schedules and maintain continuous contact with the customer from the office or in the field as projects flow from the planning stages to the design and production stages.

Field Support

Our team of field technicians can provide start-up, maintenance, and warranty services anywhere across the globe. Valves are often a part of a complex process or system requiring field adjustments and tuning for optimal performance. Field training can be provided so that the facility can maintain operation and preventative maintenance programs. Valve refurbishing can be accomplished in the field or in our factories when required.

Our Philosophy

"We are committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations by providing products, services, and information of the highest quality in terms of safety, reliability, accuracy, and timeliness. Our success is based on continuously improving the effectiveness of our products, processes, and Quality Management System."

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