Throwback 19 Years...

Val-Matic acquired the American-Darling Butterfly Valve line

Throwback to 19 years ago, Val-Matic acquired the American-Darling (American Flow Control) Butterfly Valve line. For over 90 years, the name American-Darling was synonymous with quality and dependability earning it respect and acceptance in the industry, features important to Val-Matic. Introduced in 1971, this butterfly valve had the advantage of a seat on disc design, allowing for field adjustment/replacement of the resilient seat with only a single tool. Originally up to a 96 inch flange the valve has been engineered up to 144 inch flange. The valve fully meets AWWA Standards C504 and C516 and is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water and NSF/ANSI 372 certified lead free. The valve’s design and performance has been verified through proof of design testing and over 45 years of field proven experience in thousands of installations.

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Author: Val-Matic