Tri-Loc™ Seating System...

The unique Tri-Loc™ seat retention system provides reliable sealing and positive mechanical retention of the valve seat while allowing easy adjustment or replacement in the field if ever needed. The Tri-Loc™ overlapping seat segments provide for easy replacement and prevent scalloping of the resilient seat surface.

The seat is secured by three methods: 1) clamp force, 2) through the seat bolting and 3) opposing machined registers in the disc and seat retaining ring. Clamp force is provided by tightening the self-locking cap screws. Tightening the screws applies pressure to the serrated seat retaining ring which in turn creates a “clamp force” on the resilient molded seat. These same cap screws provide through-bolting seat retention by passing through precision molded holes in the resilient seat. Finally, molded shoulders in the resilient seat are captured by machined registers in the disc and retention ring preventing outward movement of the seat.

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Author: Val-Matic